Understory Project produces clean, fresh, affordable food while striving to inspire resilient agricultural systems that mitigate climate change through agroecological practices, farmer education and research.

Our Mission



To prove the business case that farms in the Southeastern U.S. can thrive economically producing healthy, clean, fresh, affordable food with resilient agricultural systems that mitigate climate change through agroecological practices.



Eat well, be well. We believe it's that simple. The food we grow and share is meant to enrich lives and promote wellness in body and spirit. How we grow that food is meant to protect and heal our lands. 


We don't use synthetic fungicides, pesticides, herbicides or petroleum-based fertilizers. Our seeds and feeds are untreated and free of GMOs, growth hormones and antibiotics. All of our farms are either Certified Organic, Certified Naturally Grown, or Certified Biodynamic.


We harvest at peak ripeness to ensure top-quality, nutrient dense produce and flavorful meats. With great care, we manage our farm's soil as a living ecosystem, cultivating prolific networks of interdependent microbiology and nutrients that help our products achieve ultimate freshness. 


We believe everyone is entitled to healthy, affordable food. We strive to make our products accessible to low income communities and we support programs that increase people's purchasing power for locally produced, clean foods.  


We promote organic agroforestry farming methods inspired by native ecosystems. By mimicking nature, we are modeling how agriculture could be more resilient to climate change while adding value to traditional farming systems. 


We view farming as a holistic system linking ecology, economics, and society to create healthy environments and communities. We believe in low-external input, people-centered agriculture that values local culture, wisdom and relationships.


We contribute to growing a new generation of farmers by providing apprenticeships and workshop trainings. We aim to share resources and network opportunities to ensure a thriving network of regional farm businesses.


Globally, up to 30% of greenhouse gas emissions are linked to agriculture. We evaluate agricultural methods that have the potential to sequester tons of CO2 into living soils.  

Caney Fork Farms

Carthage, TN


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