Farm Stand for March 31st

Farm Stand for March 31st


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Thank you all for being so committed to local food during these crazy times. Seeing the community rally around local food inspires us to keep going, and even ramp up the production! Our first “pop up” online Farm Stand was a huge success! We sold out of Veggie Shares and expect to again for next weeks delivery, so grab yours quick! Order here. We are also excited to include several new extra items, including sprouts, head lettuce, eggs, honey, raw dairy, mushrooms and fresh bread! More info below.



- Sprouts and lettuce from Greener Roots Farm- Greener Roots offers the highest quality micro greens grown hydroponically right in Nashville!

- Raw Dairy from Villa Acres- Kristina’s cows produce a rich and creamy milk! She makes all natural yogurt, butter, and cheese. Her cows are pasture raised and grazed using organic and biodynamic methods. All products will be labeled “For Pet Consumption Only” as the law requires.

- Fresh Bread from Lillian St. Bread-

- Local Honey from Tennessee Artisan Honey- We have teamed up to bring you the sweetest local honey around! Choose from Dark Wildflower, Light Wildflower, and Sourwood in three different sizes.

- Pastured Eggs from Villa Acres- VERY LIMITED QUANTITY. We are doing a test run to see how this fragile item fits into our CSA logistically. Kristina’s hens are fed organic grain and moved to fresh pasture EVERYDAY. Get yours quick!

- Mushrooms from Henosis Mushrooms- We are STOKED to be offering shiitakes, oysters, and lions mane from this local grower.

- Dog food pack- We have taken some of our older lamb and pig organ meats and created a variety pack for your pup! Each 5 lb pack will come with a variety of pork and lamb spleen, liver, heart, and/or kidney. Of course these are safe for human consumption as well- and quite the nutrient blast!


Future Farm Stand dates (one time shares)

- March 31st, April 14th, April 28th


Ready to sign up for our CSA? Spots are filling fast!

Organic Veggie CSA: May-October, April is FULL

- Please consider selecting “home delivery,” as this option is the easiest for us!


Grassfed Meat CSA: May-October, CSA members received exclusive cuts (like all of our steaks) and special monthly discounts.

- We have one more month in our Winter season (April) that is available for sign ups

- Spring/Summer sign ups are open!


Happy eating,

The Caney Fork Farmers

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