The Animals

Where Compassionate Care Meets Regenerative Stewardship.

Each day, we work alongside our animals to steward the land in creative ways. We are committed to responsible animal agriculture that benefits our animals, the soil, and our community

Our Breeds

Katahdin Sheep

We see the value in growing our lambs at the rate that grass alone can grow them. The Katahdin hair sheep is the breed for our needs.

Black Angus Cows

Black Angus Cows

Known for producing high-quality beef, terrific fat marbling, and a classic flavor, Black Angus cows are a favorite here at Caney Fork Farms.

Mulefoot & Old Spot Pigs

Mulefoot & Old Spot Pigs

Customers routinely tell us that our pasture-raised pork is the best they’ve ever had. But the truth is, we’re in the pig business for a bigger reason.

Our Commitment to Animal Welfare

The health and wellbeing of our animals is our number one priority. Each and every day, we work collaboratively with our animals, treating them with care and respect.



Where the land's unique character elevates the essence of regenerative agriculture.

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