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WE ARE A FARM in middle Tennessee that uses

carbon farming practices to provide healthy, affordable

food that prioritizes people and planet. 

OUR MISSION is to inspire others with living proof that

regenerative, organic farming in Tennessee benefits

farmers, the community, and the environment.

When you buy Caney Fork Farms products, you support:

Your Community

  • Providing healthy, fresh, affordable food to neighboring communities and families

  • Bringing local community members together to learn, share ideas, and enjoy fresh, clean and healthy food

  • Conducting research to further develop organic farming methods in Tennessee that sequester carbon and protect people and the environment

Your Farmers​

  • Providing healthy, fresh, affordable food to neighboring communities and families

  • Helping local, regional farms and farmers thrive economically

  • Fairly paying farm workers

  • Supporting rural livelihoods

  • Creating opportunities for young farmers

  • Protecting farmers from exposure to harmful chemicals

Your Environment

  • Making farms and land more resilient to climate change

  • Sequestering carbon; taking CO2 out of the atmosphere and storing it in the soil

  • Preserving the soil and land through regenerative practices

  •  Protecting wildlife and livestock by avoiding chemical inputs, hormones, antibiotics, genetically engineered crops, and other harmful practices

grazing cow
What is Carbon Farming?

Carbon Farming is using sustainable agriculture and land management practices that remove carbon from the atmosphere at a higher rate than conventional practices. This carbon is then able to be restored to its natural place - in soil organic matter and plant material. Agriculture is responsible for 10 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, making it one of the most important sectors to address.

Our Farm is a Living Laboratory

Caney Fork Farms studies how planned grazing of dense livestock herds work in conjunction with grassland and agroforestry ecology. Over time, our organic farm in Tennessee is measuring results and looking deeply into soil carbon and improvements to our ecosystem. Lush grasses and clovers provide a year-round supply of nutrient-dense forage for livestock. While overhead, a steadily maturing tree canopy will provide cooling shade, diverse seasonal forage and wind breaking shelter. 


We're Certified

We work hard to make sure our plants and animals are cared for to the highest standards.

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Pick TN

Caney Fork Farms, headquartered on the family farm of former Vice President Al Gore,

 is dedicated to sustainable agriculture, agroforestry,

soil recarbonization, soil carbon research and conservation.

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