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Pasture today, pasture tomorrow

When raised outside on pasture, chickens can play a special role in regenerating landscapes. Our broilers are moved daily to ensure that they have access to fresh pasture. Every day, they find insects, fertilize the land, cycle on-farm nutrients, and enrich our soils.

We have partnered with a young farmer near Pembroke, KY who will be growing chickens for us using regenerative, pasture-based practices. We’re proud to support this young farmer, while also providing delicious, nutrient-dense, pasture raised chicken to our customers.

supporting young farmers

ancient nutrition

Research has demonstrated that birds raised on pasture have higher antioxidant levels, such as Vitamin E, and healthier fat profiles due to the forage supplement in their diet. Beyond nutrition, the taste is unmatched to any other production methods and it truly is a pleasure to taste the rich and diverse flavors that come from pasture-rearing. We know you’ll enjoy!

Ready to start receiving our pasture-raised chicken directly to your neighborhood?




To learn more about our pasture-raised chicken and the techniques we use to provide a high standard of care for our animals, contact us today!

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