A Quick Squash Soup

A Quick Squash Soup

This is a very flexible and easy recipe for a pureed squash soup. You can use most winter squash here but I would recommend any combination of butternut, acorn, and/or tetsu kabotu. Just make sure to peel the squash if it is a variety with a thick fibrous skin.


  • 1-2 squaches, peeled if needed and cubed

  • 1 onion- cut into large chunks

  • 6-10 garlic cloves- peeled

  • Spices (your choice)- recommended: cumin, rosemary, ginger, turmeric, paprika, cayenne (for spicy), and/or cardamom.

  • Stock/broth/bouillon- about 8 cups, I like "Better Than Bouillon: Vegetable" because I can add water and just add the bouillon paste according to the label.


  • 1 sweet potato

  • 1 apple

  • Cream (if you like a creamier soup, add after you puree)

  • Bacon bits- dice some Caney Fork Farms natural bacon and cook in a pan until crispy, use to garnish.



1. In a large pot heat up your oil of choice. Recommended: olive oil, ghee, butter, or coconut oil

2. Add in onion chunks, peeled garlic cloves, and spices to taste. Cook and periodically stir on medium heat until aromatic (about 5 minutes). Recommended:

3. Add in squash chunks. You can also throw in a sweet potato or an apple for a bit of sweetness. Get creative!

4. Just barely cover with liquid and let simmer until all the veggies are soft. You can use water and add bouillon cubes or paste, or use stock. I think veggie broth works the best here but feel free to use bone both or any other flavor of broth/stock/bouillon you have laying around.

5. When the veggies are soft, puree. You can transfer to a blender in batches or use an immersion blender for ease.

6. Taste, then add salt and pepper. As with most soups, this one is even more flavorful the next day. Don't forget to garnish with fresh herbs, nuts, and/or seeds and pair with some freshly baked bread (pictured above is a Prevail Bakehouse Country Loaf. You can even make a grilled cheese and dip as a winter alternative to a tomato soup!


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