100% Grassfed

Angus Beef

Like Fine Wine

Grass-fed and finished animals reflect the terroir of the land in much the same way as a bottle of fine wine. Wine takes up the characteristics of the soil from which the grapes were raised, just as the grasses dictate taste in beef. Our beef is finished on a diverse mix of annual and perennial grasses, legumes, and forbs that provide a complete nutrient profile to impart a full yet unique and satisfying flavor. Additionally, our breed, Black Angus Cattle, are renowned for their flavor and fat characteristics.


Harvesting With The Sun

The best tasting grape must be harvested at the proper time so that it is rich in flavor but not yet spoiled. Beef also has an optimal harvest window. We work with the lifecycle of our cattle so that they finish growing when nature supports it. We harvest during the longest days of the year, when the forage has the highest sugar content. This leads to meat with a high level of intramuscular marbling and a fat cover that holds moisture and flavor. Properly finishing cattle on grass involves a complex puzzle of timing herd movements across our paddocks, but our efforts are rewarded in the taste of our meat and the health of our land.

Caney Fork Farms

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