Our Researchers

Charlie Bettigole

Skidmore College

BIO : Charlie is the Director of the GIS Center for Interdisciplinary Research at Skidmore College. As a member of the faculty, Charlie teaches GIS and remote sensing courses, and focuses on connecting students with a diverse array of applied, real-world research projects. Charlie has a background in Wildlife Biology and Spatial Ecology (M.S. University of Vermont). He is broadly interested in leveraging the latest technologies in geoinformatics and data science to help solve pressing ecological dilemmas. His current research is focused on optimizing sampling designs for mapping soil carbon, national-scale analyses of grazing system resiliency, and remote sensing of invasive species in the Adirondack Park, NY. Research highlights include a spatially-explicit count of the number of trees on earth (3.04 trillion) and building tools and techniques to support large-scale mapping of soil carbon (stratifi web tool).