Soil Alchemy

Soil Alchemy

Compost, the transformative elixir of the Earth, is the cornerstone of our commitment to regenerative agriculture.

At its essence, compost is a rich amalgamation of organic matter undergoing the intricate dance of decay. As leaves fall, vegetables wither, and plants complete their life cycles, these organic residues find a second act in our compost piles. Microorganisms, from bacteria to fungi, commence the work of decomposition, breaking down complex organic compounds into simpler, nutrient-dense substances.

Compost is nature's recycling system through which we receive a nutrient-rich soil amendment. At our farm, we view compost not merely as waste disposal but as a vital component that enhances soil fertility, structure, and overall health. By returning organic matter to the soil, we foster a thriving ecosystem that benefits both our crops and the environment.

Windrow Composting

Vegetable scraps, manure, barn bedding, weeds, and tree trimmings converge in carefully designed windrows, undergoing a natural decomposition process. We manage these windrows to ensure they reach the proper temperature, disturbing and adding oxygen when necessary. This nutrient-dense compost finds its purpose rejuvenating our pastures, and bolstering our garden beds during planting.

Johnson-Su Bioreactor

Also known as BEAM (Biologically Enhanced Agricultural Management) composting, the Johnson-Su Bioreactor is a simple yet innovative approach to nutrient management. Crafted from a harmonious blend of manure and leaf litter, this composting technique operates in a static environment, eschewing the traditional turning process. Natural aeration, facilitated by PVC pipes, ensures a fungal-dominant composition, further enriching the microbial diversity of the soil.

The Johnson-Su Bioreactor compost isn't just a product; it's a solution. Applied as a seed coat, this nutrient-rich compost provides a kickstart to plant growth, fostering resilience and vitality from the very beginning. Our embrace of this innovative composting method underscores our commitment to pushing the boundaries of sustainable agriculture.

At our organic and regenerative farm, compost isn't just a means to an end; it's a philosophy. Join us on this journey of nurturing the land, cultivating healthful produce, and embracing the profound impact of compost on our sustainable agricultural practices.