We sell our vegetables to over 40 restaurants and groceries throughout Middle Tennessee.

How to Purchase

Option 1: We list our all of our available produce and meat through greenerroots.com. When you create a free account, you will receive a weekly text with what is available from our farm and from Greener Roots Farm, a hydroponics farm that focuses on leafy greens.


Option 2: We can directly text or email you our own “Fresh Sheet” every week so you can respond and place a direct order with us.


We Grow for Restaurants

We strive to cultivate the strongest relationships with chefs and welcome collaboration during the menu planning process so we can grow exactly what you are looking for. Once we have established a trusting relationship with you, we can make verbal commitments to grow what you want. We don’t require deposits or prepayments, so we like to make sure chefs are serious about what they want.


Farm Visits

We would love to have you out to show you how we do things out here. We are proud of our practices and our mission and would love to see the chefs we work with become invested in our story.


Holiday Roasting Chestnuts

This year we will be harvesting around 1,000 lbs of fresh chestnuts! We have reserved only 500 lbs for restaurants and are accepting preorders now for deliveries beginning in mid-September.


To receive our fresh sheets, visit the farm, or preorder chestnuts, please contact:

Ranan Sokoloff

Vegetable and Agroforestry Manager

(914) 275-1515



Local Groceries

We love working with grocers throughout middle Tennessee. We find it is a great way to get more people nutrient dense and delicious produce.

Find us at:

  • Demeter's Common Lifestyle Grocery, Lebanon, TN

  • Breeden's Orchard, Mt. Juliet, TN

  • Turnip Truck, East Nashville and the Gulch

  • Newroz Market, Nashville

Placing Wholesale Orders

To receive our weekly email updates on produce availability, please contact Ranan. 

Ranan Sokoloff

Vegetable and Agroforestry Manager

(914) 275-1515


Caney Fork Farms

Carthage, TN


(615) 212-5234

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