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CSA in Nashville

Community Supported Agriculture

Customizable Shares -- Flexible Commitment -- Affordable Payment Plans


Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs are a great way to establish relationships between farmers and people that love good, clean food. As a CSA subscription member in Nashville, Carthage, and Lebanon, you are choosing to support an alternative, locally based model of agriculture, where growers and consumers share the risks and rewards of sustainable farming in Nashville. Sign up today and start enjoying the highest quality of meat and veggies!



Organic Veggies

  • Certified Organic

  • Seasonal Produce

  • Year Round (yes, even in the winter!)

  • Deliveries every other week

  • Flexible Commitments

Prices and Locations

With our CSA you can:

  • get shares delivered directly to your home

  • customize your meat shares

  • choose a payment plan

  • reschedule your pickup

  • find recipes and tips

  • receive great customer service

  • establish a closer relationship to your farmers and the land

Share Options

Meat Shares

  • Large:14-16 lbs/month, $150

  • Medium: 8-12 lbs/month, $100

  • Small: 4-6 lbs/month, $50


Organic Veggie Share: 1 box, twice a month, $25/box

Add-ons and Extras:

  • Fresh Chestnuts and Heirloom Corn Meal

  • Whole Grain Fresh Bread from Prevail Bakehouse

  • Whole Chickens

Pick up Locations


  • Home Delivery

  • Smith & Lentz Brewery

  • CrossFit East Nashville

  • Red Bicycle Coffee

  • Harding House Brewing Co.


  • Demeter's Common Lifestyle Grocery


  • Smith County Farmers Market

Mt. Juliet

  • Summit Family Chiropractic



1. Sign up with our farm via

Everything you need to know about our CSA in Nashville is on our farm profile on the Harvie Website. Decide what share fits your diet and take a look at all the add-on shares we offer!


2. Choose your pickup location

We currently offer monthly pick-ups at two locations convenient for people located in Nashville, Carthage, or Lebanon – the East Nashville Farmers Market and Carthage Family Chiropractic. If your workplace would like to host a pick-up as an incentive to your employees, we can make that happen!


3. Choose your payment plan

Pay in full or enroll in our easy and affordable payment plan.


4. Set your meat preferences

Don’t like lamb? You won't get it! Want lots of sausages? We can do that! We will customize your share to your preferences so that everything you get is something you’re excited about. Each delivery you will have the option to further customize your share and swap cuts for more preferred ones. Also, you can add extra items that we have available for an additional charge.

*Veggie shares are not customizable


5. Pick up your share!

Grab your share from us and chit chat with one of the farmers. Our meat shares are delivered once a month conveniently packed in a sturdy insulated and reusable bag. The veggie share is delivered every other week in a box packed with the freshest local produce!


6. Feast!!!

Your fridge is now stocked with the best meat and produce around, so enjoy it! We try to provide recipes for everything in your share so you can be sure to impress your friends with delicious dishes.

Example of a "Single" share, 10-12 lbs/month

Why Join Our CSA in Nashville?

Social Benefits: a direct relationship to your farmers, invites to farm gatherings, nutrient dense food for you and your family, and a valuable relationship to members of your community!


Economic Benefits: Stimulates the local economy of Carthage and Lebanon, creates jobs in your community, and preserves rural livelihoods!


Environmental Benefits: Our regenerative techniques create wildlife habitat and sequester carbon. Our food also travels significantly less "food miles" compared to grocery store products.

Available cuts to choose from for your Grass Fed Meat CSA share in Nashville 

Prices and Cuts

Below you can see a list of prices and cuts we have available. These are our Farmers Market prices. Our CSA members receive exclusive discounts and gifts.
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