Grab a bag of these delicious sweet chestnuts while they last. September 2020 will begin our second harvest ever! The chestnuts are a mix of American and Chinese genetics and are not sized. Store them in your crisper drawer in your fridge and they can last months! Check out our blog for some of our favorite recipes.

Fresh Chestnuts

  • Store chestnuts in your refridgerator, either in a perforated plastic  bag or in your crisper drawer to keep them fresh for up to 3 months. They are highly perishable and need to be kept moist and refrigerated. As they dry out, they become slight sweeeter but more susceptible to mold. If you would like to freeze them be sure to cook or dry them first. 

    Due to the high moisture content, some chestnuts may develop surface mold that can be easily wiped or washed off and the chesnuts kernels inside are usually perfectly fine. 

    We try to remove all imperfect chestnuts during processing, but whether they are freshly harvested or stored, there are always some that are moldy, roteen, insect damaged, or cracked. We inspect all chestnuts when we pack them to order, but some defects are not visible on the surface.