Organic Vegetables

Market Garden

Our vegetable operation is split into two systems, a third of an acre market garden and 6 acres of tractor based bulk crops. The market garden utilizes hand-scale, bio-intensive techniques which enable us to nurture and care for each and every plant individually. By not tilling, applying lots of compost, and planting crops as closely as possible, we are in the process of building a deep & nutritious soil that can be tasted in the veggies. Here the goal is to maximize every square foot so the space is in constant production. It is home to most of our smaller, more finicky, yet favorite vegetables, such as, lettuce, baby beets & carrots, cucumbers, herbs, spinach, and much more.


Bulk Crops

Our larger fields are geared towards bulk storage crops including beets, carrots, cabbage, polenta corn, melons, squash, etc. Though the tractor mediates much of the connection between the farmer and the land, we place a large emphasis on using this tool responsibly. This means only driving in the fields when at the proper moisture level, using implements that till along natural fault lines and do not pulverize the soil, and interplanting perennial crops to prevent erosion. The fields also get a large dose of the most important fertilizer, the farmer's footsteps. 

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