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Our vegetable operation is split into two systems, a smaller third of an acre market garden, and a larger six acres of tractor-based bulk crops.


Our market garden is used for growing smaller-scale organic vegetables. We utilize hand-scale, bio-intensive techniques, rich organic compost, minimal tillage, and plant crops as close together as possible to keep the soil covered. Through these different practices, we are building deep and nutritious soil and more flavorful, nutrient dense produce. Our market garden is home to specialty organic vegetables in Tennessee, such as lettuce, green onions, peppers, herbs, spinach, and more.

bulk crops

Our larger fields are geared towards bulk storage crops including beets, carrots, cabbage, polenta corn, melons, squash, and more. Although the tractor mediates much of the direct connection between the farmer and the land, we place a large emphasis on using this tool responsibly. This means only driving in the fields when the soil is at the proper moisture level, using implements that till along natural fault lines and do not pulverize the soil, and interplanting perennial crops to prevent soil erosion.

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