"My grandfather used to say that once in your life you need a doctor, a lawyer, a policeman and a preacher but everyday, three times a day, you need a farmer."

-Brenda Schoepp

Zach Wolf
Farm Manager
Zach Wolf grew up in Salisbury, Connecticut, farming at Whippoorwill Farm and learning the ins and outs of pasture management.  After a degree in Biology from Columbia University and research engagements at Aton Forest Ecological Research Station and The Earth Institute, he went on to manage the Field Operations and Direct the Growing Farmers Initiative at Stone Barns Center.  He has facilitated the Farm Beginnings Program at Hawthorne Valley Farm and most recently served as the Director of Farm Operations at Glynwood. Over the past eight years he has engaged as a farm consultant on over 10,000 acres of active farmland throughout the United States.  He currently serves as a board member of Demeter USA and as a Research Fellow at The Nature Institute. 
Christina Cranwell.png
Christina Cranwell
Market Garden and Sales Manager


Christina's entrance to the field of agriculture has slowly built up over the years. At a young age, culinary creation inspired her. In her teens, the sight of farms was something that brought her joy. While earning her B.A. in Environmental Studies at SUNY Potsdam, she focused her degree on sustainable food systems and practices. She gained her first growing experience interning in the campus' garden and greenhouses before launching her farming career as an agricultural educator at Sprout Creek Farm. Falling in love with the physicality of farming, she spent time working as a field hand on farms in Florida and New York before moving West to join the Caney Fork team. In the future, Christina hopes to manage her own farming operation and to publish a signature cookbook.

Anthony Villa
Field Manager

Anthony Villa grew up in Cookeville, TN, and first fell in love with growing food while producing a PBS show  that took place on a farm, "Jammin' At Hippie Jacks". He then spent several years working and learning from his mentor Jeff Poppen, the Barefoot Farmer. 
Anthony is passionate about soil health and brings a decade of experience growing organic vegetables for CSA's and other direct markets to the gardens and fields here in Carthage, TN. He is a mechanical cultivation enthusiast, a devoted husband and father, and a student of Biodynamics. 

Dylan Fishbein
Veggie Crew

Dylan grew up on land originally stewarded by the Ramapough Lenape (Northern New Jersey), and recently graduated from the University of Maryland where he studied Environmental Policy and Sustainable Food Systems. After graduation, Dylan participated in the Food Artisan Immersion Program in Spring Green, Wisconsin, where he studied regionally-reliant food systems. Dylan is excited to learn from, and work alongside, the plants, animals, and fellow farmers at Caney Fork. After this long Winter, Dylan is ready to get his hands in the soil!

Jenna Merkell
Livestock Assistant 


Jenna grew up in Campbell- a tiny town in upstate NY. As a child she loved helping out on her grandfather’s hobby beef farm, and throughout high school she enjoyed her time working on a dairy farm. Jenna majored in animal science at Cornell University, and eventually added minors in horticulture and in education to her degree to satisfy her diverse interests. After spending a summer interning at The Barefoot Farmer's during college, she fell in love with Tennessee and felt compelled to become involved with local, sustainable food systems. She is eager to get her hands in the dirt, and learn and grow from the rest of the team at Caney Fork Farms!

Gabrielle Hathaway
Livestock Adviser,
Research Coordinator

Gabrielle Hathaway is an animal scientist with a background in pasture-based livestock systems. She built the livestock program on Caney Fork Farms from 2016-2020 with animal welfare, ecological soundness, and meat quality as the central focus. Over the years, she has seen these three pillars become integral to the success of the business as each supports the optimization of the other. Her love of nature and animals brought her to farming at age 15, and the deep meaningful work of regenerative agriculture has been her life’s focus ever since. 

Natalie Ashker Seevers 
Marketing Manager​
Natalie became passionate about food and farming after reading Michael Pollen’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma her freshman year of college.
She graduated with B.As in Video Production and Philosophy from Belmont University, spent a few years working in the film industry, then quickly realized she would rather be working for the local food movement.  Natalie managed The Barefoot Farmer CSA from 2015-2019 and  coordinated the 2019 and 2020 TN Local Food Summit, an annual conference that promotes a sustainable, community-based food system for Middle Tennessee. Natalie spends her time in the garden, or practicing/teaching Iyengar Yoga in her rural community. 


Beth Mason
Delivery Driver 
Beth grew up helping on her parent’s farm in Smith County, TN. She is the mother of two wonderful kids. She is certified as a CrossFit Level 1 and CrossFit Kids Coach. She enjoys personal training to help others reach their goals and believes nutrition plays an important part in any health routine. Beth likes to spend her free time on the river, hiking, collecting rocks and fossils, and listening to live music.